Articles and Newsletters

Atlas Roofing Contributes to Crowning Achievement at Chicago’s Historic Biograph Theater

Chicago’s old Biograph Theater has seen its share of
drama, including the real-life kind. It was in front of the
Biograph that the FBI gunned down gangster John
Dillinger on July 22, 1934. Over seventy years later, the
historic movie house is about to create new drama, this
time as a home for live theater. (read more)

The Agent Who Came Down from the Cold

Why is a New York literary agent coming to
Orlando? To scout for talent, of course. Kate
McKean, of Dystel and Goderich Literary
Management, accepted the invitation from
organizers of the annual Orlando Writers
Conference to hear pitches from local writers
with book projects…. (read more)

Fischer Hall at Michigan Tech

“An abundance of leaks.”
That’s the plain and simple
way Mike Wilmers describes
the condition of an existing roof on
Fisher Hall at Michigan Technological
University. Wilmers is a project engineer
in the school’s Facilities Management
Department….(read more)

Robert Newton Peck Talks Fiction Writing Like a Pro

“You’re my replacements,” Robert Newton Peck
told a gathering of about thirty-five of FWA’s
members and friends in April. But he emphasized
that the mantle of writing success would not be
passed automatically. “If you tell a story, you’re
gonna starve,” said the acclaimed author of A Day
No Pigs Would Die
. “But if you show a story, you’re
gonna be me. And I ain’t starvin’.” (read more)

Event Promos and Press Releases

Ask a Cop before You Commit a Murder Mystery

The Florida Writers Association (FWA) welcomes Richard B. Weinblatt to its March Palm Group meeting. Weinblatt has performed in a wide array of law enforcement positions, from street cop to police chief. (read more)

Screenwrite Your Way to the Hollywood Dream

On September 8, the Florida Writers Association’s Orlando Palm Group
welcomes A. Wayne Carter, screenwriter, and author of the book
Hollywoodaholic: Confessions of a Screenwriter. Wayne teaches
screenwriting and is a consultant on feature projects. But before he settled down
in Orlando, he spent more than fifteen years in Hollywood where he made a
living writing screenplays and selling them to major studios like Paramount, Fox,
HBO, CBS, Cannon, and National Lampoon, to name a few. (read more)