I have twenty-three years of writing and editing experience, fourteen of them as a freelancer. I’m also a former leader of the Florida Writers Association’s Orlando Group and co-chair of the FWA’s Orlando Writers Conference, and I’ve been a presenter on writing-related topics at libraries, industry events, and a creative writing class at Rollins College. I know not only the craft of writing but the business as well.



More Endorsements:

As an editor, Tom Wallace’s sharp eye for typos is exceeded only by his talent for transforming a non sequitur into a well-turned phrase. He has helped me bring two of my novels, Beyond the River of the Sun and The Last Timucuan, to fruition.

Fredric M. Hitt, author of the trilogy including Wekiva Winter (winner of the Florida Historical Society’s Patrick D. Smith Award for Best Fiction in 2006), Beyond the River of the Sun (winner of the Florida Historical Society’s Patrick D. Smith Award for Best Fiction in 2008), and The Last Timucuan (just published).

Tom’s expertise has been invaluable in shaping my novellas and short stories. I have been extremely impressed by the interest he has shown in my work. His enthusiasm and attention to detail are fantastic.

E. G. Hallowell, Director General of the Sierra Leone Broadcasting Corporation and fiction writer.

Editing is not one of my favorite aspects of writing, but I have come to appreciate its tremendous value. I thank you for making it a painless experience.

Michael King, author of Fatherhood 101: Bonding Tips for Building Loving Relationships