About Me

When I was a kid, my dad worked in aerospace, and my mom sold real estate in the subtropical paradise we called Cocoa Beach, Florida. With the Atlantic Ocean on the east side of town and the Banana River on the west, my childhood was filled with sandcastles, surfboards, boats, and, yes, an occasional sunburn.

After studying Classical Greek and Latin in college, I found that all my friends had been right; it’s hard to make a living in dead languages. So I made my way into the business world, eventually becoming senior production manager for the largest litigation support firm in the Southeast. Our clients were among the most powerful law firms in the world, and the issues we worked on were headline making.

When it came time for a new adventure, I packed up all my language and business skills and set sail for the land of freelance writing. Since then, I’ve ghostwritten more than two dozen books and edited hundreds for businesses, journalists, bestselling authors, and regular folks. Books I’ve worked on have been published by private individuals, professional associations, small presses, and Big Five publishers and have been well-reviewed in such publications as Publishers Weekly, Kirkus ReviewsUSA Today, and Essence.

Away from the keyboard, I’ve served as the Orlando chapter leader of the Florida Writers Association and cochair of FWA’s Orlando Writers Conference, facilitating opportunities for writers to promote their work and learn from each other. I’ve presented numerous workshops on writing- and publishing-related topics, including editing, ghostwriting, and marketing.

I feel I have the best job there is—helping authors share their stories and expertise with the world.